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What We're Here For:
This journal is here for fans of the lovely and valiant Archie Kennedy of the first six A&E series "Hornblower" movies. All fanfiction, general gushing and squeeage, and all-purpose speculation as to the adoration of Mr. Kennedy being part and parcel of an enlightened life is encouraged.

Why is Archie called "The Crumpet," you ask? The answer is linked through the shamelessly gushing, witty, and surprisingly erudite Archieology 101: "Crumpet" as a nickname for Archie first surfaced in this short fic. From there, it grew until the two were effectively synonymous. Lately, it's mutated to "Space Crumpet" thanks to "Battlestar Galactica" and has already begun to spread from there to infect yet another fandom. From humble beginnings ...

What The Community Is Here For:
This community is here for fic, discussion, meta, squee, artwork, vids, just about any fan activity or chat centering on Archie Kennedy. We're friendly to all genres and all ratings -- gen, het, and slash. This list is for adults only since some of the stories contain some adult content.

Community posts have been sorted into various useful memories categories, and if you're looking for different kinds of fic, pictures, icons, or other fun things, just check the memories out and see what appeals.

If you join, feel free to download and use the Crumpeteers community button:

Feedback is a good thing to give -- just to let people know that you like what they've done, or to help them learn to better meet the goals they've set for themselves as writers, so while it's not absolutely required to give feedback, it's a nice, happy thing to do and if you leave positive or constructive feedback, no doubt Mother Nature will smile down upon you in Her endless benevolence.

What The Community Is Not Here For:
No stories or photomanips posted on crumpeteers are meant to compromise the copyrights held by the owners of either the original "Hornblower" materials, the A&E series movies, or any other material owned by another person or entity in any way.

No fiction, vids, manips, or other creative output that is posted to this community may be archived anywhere without the explicit consent of the author, and the fact that it was posted here does not constitute consent.

The list is not intended for Real Person Fic of any kind. Please do not post or rec RPF, RP photomanips or artwork on this community.

Also, this community is devoted to the character of Archie Kennedy portrayed most ably by the actor and private individual Jamie Bamber. Though some discussion of the actor is on-topic, this is not an actor gossip community, and discussions of Jamie Bamber's personal life are off-topic.

If actor-centered pics interest you, be sure to check out bamber_daily.

Other Communities of Interest to Hornblower/Archie Fandom:
Other "Hornblower" related communities include:

mr_hornblower -- general "Hornblower"
hornblower_fic -- "Hornblower" fic
hh_slash -- "Hornblower" slash
hh100 -- "Hornblower" drabbles
archie_lives -- cute though intermittent H/A-centric LJ comic

Other Communities of Interest to Battlestar Galactica Fandom:
Although BSG is not strictly within the purview of this community, there's obviously some activity here revolving around this new high-profile, highly marketed, and critically acclaimed project. There's tons of communities on LJ focused on this new series, some of which include:

bsg2003fics -- for fics and other fannish creative endeavours of any genre centering around the new BSG miniseries and subsequent series
bsg2003chatter -- for fan-centered discussion of the series
captainapollo -- for fans of the valiant Captain Lee "Apollo" Adama
beyond_insane -- for fans of the Apollo/Starbuck `ship
bsg_slash -- for slash and femslash fic and chat
bstg_icontest -- an icon challenges community for the new series
galactica_icons -- an icon community for fans of both the new and old series
13th_colony -- a community for discussion of the episodes as they air in North America, delayed from their broadcast in Britain. Spoilers about episodes that have already aired in Britain are not welcome.

Purchase Links for Movies/Television/Audio featuring Jamie Bamber:
Battlestar Galactica 2003 Miniseries -- Region 1
Daniel Deronda -- Region 1
Ghost Rig -- Region 1
Horatio Hornblower: The Complete Adventures (the first six movies only) -- Region 1
The Scarlet Pimpernel -- Region 1. This is a boxed set of three movies, and he's only in the first one but ... well, it's worth it.

Ultimate Force -- Region 2
Poirot: The Murder of Roger Ackroyd -- Region 2
The Scarlet Pimpernel -- Region 2
Battlestar Galactica 2003 Miniseries -- Region 2
Battlestar Galactica Season 1 -- Region 2
The Hornblower Collection (6 Discs) -- Region 2

Brideshead Revisited -- full cast audio drama of Waugh's novel from the BBC.

If you are away of any other materials featuring Jamie Bamber, please feel free to post the links and/or ordering information.

The moderator of this community is damned_colonial. I welcome contact via LJ, email, or IM. If you have any issues with the way this community is run, things posted on this community, etc, please drop me a line.

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